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Meiji THE Chocolate - Mexico White Cacao

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This 70% dark chocolate bar is made using the rarest cocoa beans available on earth, the Criollo variety, harvested in the Mexican Chiapas region. This kind of cocoa, which amounts to 0.001% of world cocoa production, is entirely made up of white cocoa beans (instead of the purple and mixed ones of the other varieties, Forastero and Trinitario): this peculiar aspect gives the chocolate bar a very special and distinctive taste, velvety and creamy, and a unique color, which resembles the one of milk chocolate. Every box includes three small bars, each one carefully designed and packaged. The design of each bar is conceived to enhance the tasting, through a journey that starts from small squares, which introduce the aroma, passing through the two textured squares to tickle the palate and experience the maximum creaminess, ending with two bars to fully feel the taste. 50g. More information on Chocolate 70%. The best of the best of South American cocoa and the painstaking attention to every single detail, typically Japanese: the result is a superfine chocolate and an extraordinary taste experience, for the even more demanding palates. 16 cm x 12 cm x 2 cm

Every Japanese design gem you always wanted to find*
(*but were afraid to ask)